Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Q&A session with Mr Jason Grant

It was a great pleasure to sit in on this session at the Design + Décor show in Melbourne this past weekend and hear Jason Grant speak about his design and decorating journey, his achievements, and his thoughts on a number of topics. He started out by encouraging people to find what they are passionate about, what inspires us and what types of spaces we ultimately want to live in.

In the interview he was asked if he had seen an effect as a result of the popularity of the renovation shows that Australia is obsessed with lately, and if that undermines the design industry. He responded by addressing the unrealistic expectations it sometimes creates as some clients expect to have a bathroom renovated in 2 days, for example, and when on these shows their purpose is to create drama, that is the last thing you would need at a construction site.

Caroline Caneva, the interviewer, started the topic of style becoming a commercial reaction. She shared a thought from an interior designer who had expressed to her that design trends nowadays have become so widely adopted by designers, decorators and retailers and the media that it has become so quickly saturated that she finds herself getting over the trends before even implementing them in her own designs. As designers, this is really something we all relate to as we always like to have our spaces uniquely designed to fit a specific space and brief; we don’t like the end result looking like every other space in a magazine, we are creative after all.  Jason’s response was quite simple; his advice is feel free to embrace them and feel free to ignore them. Trends are after all a marketing tool to make people buy things. But he thinks that just because something isn’t on trend anymore it doesn’t stop it from still being beautiful; quite the contrary it then becomes more of a statement piece. So just because something becomes over popular it doesn’t mean that it has to go out of style. In the end it all depends on how something works in a space regardless if it’s on trend or not.

Jason’s favourite colour: Yellow.
Jason’s design crushes: Jonathan Adler and Kelly Wearstler.
Jason’s best styling tip: Flowers always make a room look great.
Jason’s greatest achievements: publishing three books.

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