Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Meet the Co-Founders!

Crystal Chan grew up between Hong Kong and Adelaide where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture at the University of South Australia. After gaining some experience in the industry, including work experience at HASSELL, she moved to Melbourne to undertake her Masters in Interior Design at Swinburne University of Technology.

More about Crystal:

  • Crystal has a vast experience in commercial interior design.
  • She is also passionate about home design and decoration.
  • She is bilingual.
  • She likes any form of creativity including cooking and claims that if she tastes a dish, she can re-create it.
  • She can’t resist designer shoes, especially when they’re on sale.

Sevan Manjikian grew up in Dubai and moved to Melbourne in 2008 where she completed her Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Interior Design at Swinburne University of Technology. As part of her degree, she also completed a minor in Communication design. In 2011 Sevan started a laser-cut jewellery line and fashion blog by the name of Seven Autumn Leaves, which gave her the tools and experience to implement branding and PR to compliment the interior design services CocoMingo offers. 

More about Sevan:
  • Sevan has interned and worked in both Dubai and Melbourne.
  • She received an award for ‘best representation on an interior space’ at the 2013 Swinburne graduate exhibition.
  • She speaks more than four languages.
  • She is passionate about commercial interiors and businesses.
  • She loves to travel and experience different architecture, food, culture, and of course, shopping. 

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